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WTI Crude Oil Prices Test Support – Key Levels to Watch

[embedded content] Oil & Gas Talking Points: Crude oil prices will be supported as supply constraints limit losses. Rising energy prices are affecting European politicians as consumers fear higher prices, carbon dioxide shortages (CO2) and cold winters. Inflation, the FOMC economic outlook and the Bank of England decision remain at…

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The Fundamental Analysis of Forex Markets Explained

Forex trading is the process of assuming on the value of various currencies and do some sort of trading. Most traders do not know that economic and geopolitical factors mainly cause exchange rate fluctuations and have a significant impact on price changes. What is Fundamental Analysis in Forex? Fundamental analysis…

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How to use Top Candlestick Patterns To Trade the Markets

The candlestick pattern is an important tool in technical trading. Understanding them allows traders to explain potential market trends and make decisions based on these inferences. There are several types of candlestick patterns that can indicate a bullish or bearish trend. This article will briefly introduce what candlestick patterns are,…

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Understanding the Basics of Technical Analysis in Forex

An Introduction to Technical Analysis Technical analysis is becoming an increasingly popular trading method, thanks in part to advances in charting packages and trading platforms. However, for novice traders, understanding technical analysis and how it helps predict market trends can be overwhelming and challenging. To predict future market trends. It…

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Strategies to Find Your Forex Entry Point

What is a forex entry point? The Forex trading entry point is the level or price at which the trader enters the Buy or Sell Trade. Due to the large number of variable entries in the foreign exchange market, it may be complicated for traders to determine the Forex trading entry point. This…

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Comparing and Choosing the Best Forex Trading Platforms

We will look at the best Forex trading platform providers and discuss their services for Forex traders. There are several things to consider when choosing the Forex trading platform to use. An easy-to-use or user-friendly interface is a must, although this can be very subjective. You need to consider the availability and quantity…

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