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Australian Dollar Forecast: What Will Drive AUD/USD?

AUTRALIAN DOLLAR FORECAST: NEUTRAL The central banks made their demands public this week, while the Chinese government has been cautious about its over-indebted debt. Commodity prices continued to fluctuate with specific sector themes. Long-term bond yields are starting to emerge, but the focus on the AUD / USD pair will…

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XAU/USD May Continue its Slow and Steady Upward Momentum.

Gold, XAU/USD, University of Michigan Sentiment, IGCS, Analysis – Talking Points: Gold prices rose slightly, trying to rebound from the previous downturn. Weak sentiment data from the University of Michigan may push up XAU/USD Retail traders reduce gold exposure, IGCS hints that prices may rise On Thursday, the anti-statutory gold…

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Strategies to Find Your Forex Entry Point

What is a forex entry point? The Forex trading entry point is the level or price at which the trader enters the Buy or Sell Trade. Due to the large number of variable entries in the foreign exchange market, it may be complicated for traders to determine the Forex trading entry point. This…

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